All Rhodes Lead to Success

The supplimental draft is in the books and so ends the 2011 WWE draft “season”. Now that the rosters are presumably set (I know, I know) I want to make a prediction about the man who will benefit the most from this draft:

Cody Rhodes

Since Rey Mysterio has been drafted to RAW, this feud will come to an end at Extreme Rules on May 1st. This will leave Cody free to feud with someone else which can hopefully show a different side of Cody from an in-ring perspective. The following is a current list of the Smackdown babyfaces:

Randy Orton–former Legacy teammates and Orton will surely be the number one Face on the Smackdown side of the roster. This feud shouldn’t happen in 2011 but, if done correctly, can be the top feud on the brand—-maybe in the company. The “overreacting” Cody Rhodes vs the quite and sombre (not sober) Randy Orton is a great contrast and should make for a great rivalry.

Kane–The veteran of the lockerroom (at least with Taker out), Kane poses the most interesting Upper Mid card potential feud for Cody. Kane will allow Cody to work with a “Big Man”, which in Vince McMahon’s wrestl…….er entertainment world is something that Cody will need to be able to do. Kane also has alot of goodwill with the fans (I will not call us the WWE Universe….never!) due to his tenure with the company and should provide Cody with the necessary “push” to face Orton.

Christian–The best in-ring worker of the current crop of upper teir Smackdown superstars (Daniel Bryan’s not there…..yet). Christian should really be Rhodes’ next feud as Vince just doesn’t see the leader of the Peeps was a main eventer (that’s a whole other blog…or three). Christian clearly has alot of fan support and also alot of momentum right now. Cody and the WWE in general can ride this wave and capitalize on this by giving Cody another major win.

Sin Cara–I only include him because he is a Luchador and, if the WWE wanted, the feud with Rey Mysterio can merely be transfered to Sin Cara. Not the way that I would go but it isn’t the worst thing that can happen to Rhodes either (see Dibiase, Ted jr).

Ofcourse alot can happen inside of one calender year. Injuries, wellness policy violations, and heel/face turns will all undoubtedly occur at some point in 2011. That aside, Cody Rhodes has the best potential character and set of opponents—in my humble opinion—to become a main event


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