We Talk Wrestling December 12, 2012: Another Week, Another (TLC) PPV

Cody Rhodes Mustache - I'll Get You For This RikishiThe latest We Talk Wrestling is on the air with lots of talk on the go home RAW and 2012 TLC Pay Per View card. Also a look at this past Sunday’s Final Resolution from TNA’s Impact Wrestling and some of the interesting spoilers coming out on their TV over the next couple of weeks. Also Addie & Mo look at who WWE could bring in as mid card talent to teach young guys, they discuss an email topic from their friend FreaXTV about the real life capabilities of finishing moves in wrestling, and they start on a topic about what new viewers should go and watch from the past. A true crackerjimmy of a show!

Download: We Talk Wrestling Dec. 12, 2012: Another Day, Another PPV (Warning Explicit Content)


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