We Talk Wrestling April 13, 2014: Warrior – The Ultimate Retrospective

The Ultimate Warrior Character, and Warrior the man

The Ultimate Warrior Character, and Warrior the man

(Explicit Content) Warrior – On April 8th 2014 one of the most memorable figures in the history of sports entertainment passed away just days after his triumphant return to the WWE.

A complicated man who polarized many with his antics and views but never the less managed to inspire legions of fans and an entire generation of wrestlers this episode is dedicated by Addie and Mo to both remembering the man as well as trying to come to turns with who he really was with a chronological look at his career.

Beginnings – Training under Red Bastien, teaming with Steve Borden while being managed by Dutch Mantel, and early signs of success in the Texas territory of WCCW World Class Championship Wrestling

Start in the WWF – His debut, early feuds, and meteoric rise to success

The Peak of his Career – Wrestlemania 6 and 7

Personality problems get in the way – His firing, rehiring, firing again and the Warrior comic book

Time in WCW – How Hulk Hogan got his win back

Outside and Inside the Spotlight – Warrior and his antics away from the ring

Return to the family – How after 18 years Warrior makes a triumph return and headlines the WWE Hall Of Fame

Final Thoughts – Addie & Mo recap their final feelings and place the audio from The Warrior Show episodes One & Two on the end

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