We Talk Wrestling May 1, 2014: WWE Extreme Rules and The TNA Debacle

Addie and Mo return to talk all the news in wrestling.

Mo bravely watched all the TNA programming from the last few weeks including being one of the few to view the Sacrifice PPV. The conclusion, it’s not good right now, and the main problem lies within the booking.

The talk then shifts to NXT with both the roster cuts such as Mason Ryan and the upcoming Takeover WWE Network Special as well as what will happen with new additions such as Prince Devitt & Japanese legend Kenta.

The guys also look at the build for WWE Extreme Rules and give predictions, do the Triple H nose joke of the week as delivered by their special guest “Vinny Ru”, review the list of greatest jobbers on WWE.com, plus ALOT more!

Bray Kids at WWE Extreme Rules?

The Cult of Bray Wyatt reaches Everyone… At WWE Extreme Rules will John Cena save us?

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