We Talk Wrestling Nov. 13th, 2014: Lighten Up Damn It!

Yeah it's another picture of something not on the show, but it's real, and it's awesome. So Lighten Up, Damn It!

Yeah it’s another picture of something not on the show, but it’s real, and it’s awesome. So Lighten Up, Damn It!

(Explicit) It’s WTW once again and it’s all over the map! The Network was down for almost 2 hours and Addie was freakin’ out! Meanwhile, Mo was right about something? Really? Also Vinnie Mac stops by, because the WTW listening audience, like the Liverpool Smackdown audience, apparently has to Lighten Up Damn It, and Have Some Fun! Also, does TNA have anew home? More accurately, does anyone care? And the guys play a game speculating how history would have turned out if key events in the WWE’s history had gone different? Questions posed are what if Lex Luger won the Title at SummerSlam 1993 from Yokozuna? How would things have played out if Bret Hart had put over Diesel clean in Kevin Nash’s first title defense at Royal Rumble 1995? How about if the plan for Bret Hart to beat Jake Roberts, Ultimate Warrior and Hulk Hogan with the WWF Championship on the line had worked out? And would things be any different if Ken Kennedy had cashed in the MITB Briefcase for the WWE Championship and be revealed to be Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son? Also on this show, the guys take a look at 10 Finisher’s listed on WWE’s website that should return. Tremendous fun, and it’s free, so what are you waiting for? Listen, and Lighten Up, Damn It!

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