We Talk Wrestling November 16, 2012: Who Booked That?

This week’s edition of We Talk Wrestling looks at the upcoming Survivor Series and what, if anything, would make us buy it. Addie and Mo talk about Jerry Lawler’s return to RAW, complete with the Heyman heart attack nonsense. They also breifly review TNA Turning Point and Impact and answer a question on TNA’s current direction with Austin Aries. […]

Addie’s 2012 WWE Survivor Series Preview

Time flies when you’re having fun and here we are at another November. November means one thing for wrestling fans: World War 3. OK maybe not. It’s the WWE’s 26th annual Survivor Series, this year subject to a three week build after Hell In The Cell. What that means is five announced matches and largely […]

Survivor Series’ Greatest Teams

We are coming up on the WWE’s 26th annual Survivor Series and the writers have decided to use a “traditional” Survivor Series elimination match as one of the top matches. The fact that the team members have changed is not uncommon, as was the case in 1993’s All Americans vs Foreign Fanatics match-up, but that […]

Replacing Jim Ross

Chicago White Sox & Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf is famously quoted for having said that organizations win championships not players. Of course the Bulls haven’t won any championships without Michael Jordan, so perhaps players do have a little something to do with it, as you just can’t replace a player that special easily. Now WWE […]
on November 11, 2012

We Talk Wrestling November 1, 2012: Trying To Stay Positive

Addie and Mo are back to talk the week that was in professional wrestling. They discuss the passing of Brad Armstrong, Jake Roberts potential comeback, and the upcoming Survivor Series. The hosts then play a game about tag team partners and close the show with a lengthy discussion on the problems in today’s wrestling, and […]

We Talk Wrestling October 26, 2012: What Did I Just Watch?

The week that was in wrestling was not great according to Addie and Mo and they’ll tell you why. They look at RAW from Monday, Impact from Thursday, and preview Hell In The Cell this coming Sunday. They also look ahead to Wrestlemania and pick their top three opponents for ten separate wrestlers. All this […]

Addie’s WWE Hell In The Cell 2012 Preview

Once again it’s time for WWE’s monthly pay per view offering, this time Hell In The Cell. As Mo and I have mentioned repeatedly on We Talk Wrestling, this show suffers from the stipulation already being on the show without the feud to properly fit the Cell. With that said, the injury to John Cena […]

Better Promo – Mick Foley vs Dusty Rhodes

            VS                   The Common Man VS Mankind! The American Dream vs The Hardcore Icon! 2 men whose physical appearance was not enough to stop them from becoming huge stars thanks in large part to their ability to talk you into the building. But of […]
on October 21, 2012