We Talk Wrestling October 11, 2012: Punk vs The Audience

It’s another edition of We Talk Wrestling with a lot to talk about! The hosts talk about RAW from this past week with the backstage fallout, on camera “action”, and off camera hijinx all discussed. Addie and Mo also talk the ROH booking change, Sunny’s legal issues, and preview TNA’s biggest Pay Per View of […]

Bigger Douche – Hulk Hogan vs Shawn Michaels

It’s been a while since we’ve had one of our comparison columns where we look at promos, workrate, or in this case douchi-ness. It’s topical given the release of RAW’s biggest writing douche, Brian Gewertz, and hell I’m in a bad mood anyway so why not look at who the bigger prick has been in […]

Paul Heyman – Genius…Or Just Clever?

  In 2004 while a guest on Canadian talk show Off The Record Vince McMahon was asked by host Michael Landsberg about Paul Heyman and Vince replied that Heyman was clever. When Landsberg pressed McMahon that perhaps Heyman was smarter than that Vince just subtlety smiled and repeated “clever”
on October 7, 2012

Nexus: Where Are They Now?

I was watching some WWE clips on YouTube and I came across the Freed or Fired Survivor Series match between Randy Orton and Wade Barrett with John Cena as the referee. It was at that point I started thinking about how Wade Barrett is trying to get himself back to the top of the card […]

My Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame 2012 Picks

As everyone that listens to our podcast knows, I love the hall of fame. A lot of discussion in the early days of We Talk Wrestling focused around the WWE Hall of Fame and who both myself and Mo would put into the hall. There is, however, another Hall of Fame. One that has, in […]

We Talk Wrestling September 27, 2012: Pushin and Pullin

On this week’s We Talk Wrestling Addie and Mo look at all of the latest news in the world of pro wrestling. Monday Night RAW’s happenings with Mick Foley, Ryback, and Team Hell No are discussed as is the show’s rating. The guys talk about the WWE Hulu plus deal, the Steve Austin Youtube promo […]

If Wrestlemania Were Today….

I find more and more that time has just been flying by! In many ways it seems like just the other day that I watched “Once in A Lifetime: Cena vs Rock” on pay per view at Wrestlemania 28. Now we are just a few months away from The Royal Rumble, where the road to […]

5 Men Who Won The World Title But Shouldn’t Have

A little while ago Addie wrote a blog highlighting 5 men who he felt were The Best Wrestlers To Never Be World Champion. Using that as an inspiration I’m going to highlight 5 men who wore 10 Pounds of Gold but never should have, excluding both Vince Russo & Davis Arquette from the conversation, because […]
on September 23, 2012

Candidates To Lead Aces and Eights

It has been the most interesting angle of the Summer but it is time to bring Aces and Eights into the next phase of the story. The attacks have continued for weeks and, while they are getting voiceboxed promo time, I am ready for the group to start it’s reveal. I would start off by […]

My WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. For me, it’s my Christmas of wrestling, a time where legends of the past are allowed, for a brief time, to be put back in the spotlight. I smile from ear to ear with each passing week as the video packages reveal the next inductee. While […]