A Fan’s Perspective on the WWE Roster

Now that Extreme Rules and the dust from that show and the draft have settled some I thought it may be interesting to take stock of where the WWE sees their Superstars ® ™ on both their Raw & Smackdown rosters in comparison to what a fan like myself might do.   First off the […]

All Rhodes Lead to Success

The supplimental draft is in the books and so ends the 2011 WWE draft “season”. Now that the rosters are presumably set (I know, I know) I want to make a prediction about the man who will benefit the most from this draft: Cody Rhodes Since Rey Mysterio has been drafted to RAW, this feud […]

Lethal Blow for TNA’s X Division

Jay Lethal has left TNA. On the surface this may not seem like such a big deal, but it speaks to a bigger issue within the company. The problem isn’t just that they’ve lost a talented and likeable young star, it’s that he was one of the few remaining holdovers from when I enjoyed the […]
on April 22, 2011

Who Should or Even Could Challenge The Miz

Sherlock Holmes had Professor Moriarty. The Batman had The Joker.   Hulk Hogan had Roddy Piper. Stone Cold had Mr. McMahon.   I have Addie.   The WWE is solidly behind The Miz, but he’s hurt because he has no one, and no one is on the horizon. It’s starting to look to me like […]
on April 15, 2011