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Why I Wish The Undertaker Was Immortal

  Wrestlemania season is here! That means that WWE has finally focused their efforts for this two month period and are getting ready to put on their biggest show of the year. One of the annual traditions of wrestlemania, at least of the past two decades, has centered itself around the Undertaker. The streak has […]

My WWE Hall Of Fame Class of 2013

It’s one of my favorite times of the year. For me, it’s my Christmas of wrestling, a time where legends of the past are allowed, for a brief time, to be put back in the spotlight. I smile from ear to ear with each passing week as the video packages reveal the next inductee. While […]

Comparing WWE 2012 to WWF 1995

Recently on our We Talk Wrestling podcast I compared TNA Impact of 2012 to the early days of WCW Monday Nitro. I did this to point out that, while there were no breakout angles, Nitro felt like a fresh alternative show to the stagnant Monday Night RAW. Fast forward 17 years later and Impact is […]