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Why I Wish The Undertaker Was Immortal

  Wrestlemania season is here! That means that WWE has finally focused their efforts for this two month period and are getting ready to put on their biggest show of the year. One of the annual traditions of wrestlemania, at least of the past two decades, has centered itself around the Undertaker. The streak has […]

Undertaker vs ??? at Wrestlemania 29

        by Stephen Ajamie Forget about Money in the Bank. Forget about AJ and who she ends up with. Forget about RAW 1000. Forget about Kharma and her status with the company. What we really care about is who the Undertaker faces at Wrestlemania and whether the streak should end. I’ve been […]

Why The Undertaker & HHH was great and MMA can’t match it

  They may not be as young as they once were, or as strong, fast or athletic, but Undertaker and Triple H showed the most valuable tool a pro wrestler can have is a mind for the business that understands how to tell a story.   Watching it (twice now) I found myself noticing how […]
on August 10, 2011