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Why Aces and Eights Is Working For TNA

When Sting was attacked on the June 14th episode of Impact I was slightly interested in who the men were that carried out the deed. It was when the gang beat up both Hulk Hogan and Sting on Impact that I really started to get into the angle. Each and every Thursday since then I have been thoroughly […]

A Look At The Proposed Aces and Eights Members

As the weeks of television go by on Impact Wrestling, the biggest take away on each show is Aces and Eights. Who are these guys? What do they want? Why are they attacking these guys? As a hardcore wrestling fan (in my love for wrestling, not the extreme style) I am drawn to the wrestling […]

Who Should Make Up Aces and Eights?

Over the last few months TNA Impact has been markedly better. The segments have usually all had a purpose to further angles and, more importantly, the angles have been paced SLOWWER so that people can invest in seeing the payoff. One of my favorite angles that has recently started has been with the Aces and […]