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What I Would Like To See in 2013

  The new year is upon us once again and this time of year generally bring about new year’s resolutions and looking ahead to the year to come. 2012 was a decent year in professional wrestling. TNA had their highlight with the summer’s Bound For Glory Series and Impact in June, July, and August. WWE had […]

Addie’s WWE Night Of Champions Preview

Well it’s that time of the month again. Yes Mo is cranky but also the WWE has another monthly pay per view offering for all of us “loyal” fans in the WWE universe. This is ofcourse the pay per view where every match is a title match… and a Randy Orton match. There have been some changes to the […]

Cruising For A Return: A Look At The Current WWE Cruiserweights

It’s sometimes hard to believe that it’s been almost 5 years since the WWE scrapped the Cruiserweight title in disgrace. Yes, sadly, the championship that was held by such names as Brian Pillman, Rey Mysterio, Eddie Guerrero, and Dean Malenko went out with a wimper as Hornswoggle was the final champion. With the fictional network […]

Things WWE Have Made Me Stop Caring About in 2012

  Well anyone that heard our last show (if not its HERE) knows that I am not big on WWE right now. RAW has just plain sucked lately and Smackdown has merely existed. Outside of Brock Lesnar, there hasn’t been one thing that I can point to and say “I really like that”. But today […]

Addie In Bizarro Land: The Good of John Cena

  I just finished watching Monday Night RAW and the same thing stuck in my head tonight that has stuck in my head these past many months. 5 Simple words:     LETS GO CENA! CENA SUCKS     Throughout the time that We Talk Wrestling has been online both Mo and I have certainly […]

Fixing Tag Teams in 2012

by Addie, I have always been a huge fan of tag team wrestling dating back to the mid 1980’s and, when we received multiple email questions from loyal listeners over the past few weeks asking about the best and our favorite tag teams, I knew I wasn’t alone. I’d love to be writing this about […]

My Manager’s Draft

My last column focused on whom I would select that is currently on the WWE roster should the idea to bring back managers actually come to fruition. (What Vince change his mind? Get outta here!). The more that I reflected on that column, the more I began to think who could benefit from having a […]