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Zack Ryder

People I Would Like To See Return To WWE

The depth problem in WWE is something that we on We Talk Wrestling have been going on and on about for months. When Miz needed to be turned babyface and his opponents in “fan voting” were Zack Ryder and Santino Marella, it really hit me just how shallow the waters of WWE are these days. […]

Addie’s 2012 WWE Survivor Series Preview

Time flies when you’re having fun and here we are at another November. November means one thing for wrestling fans: World War 3. OK maybe not. It’s the WWE’s 26th annual Survivor Series, this year subject to a three week build after Hell In The Cell. What that means is five announced matches and largely […]

If Wrestlemania Were Today….

I find more and more that time has just been flying by! In many ways it seems like just the other day that I watched “Once in A Lifetime: Cena vs Rock” on pay per view at Wrestlemania 28. Now we are just a few months away from The Royal Rumble, where the road to […]

My RAW 1000 Wish List

We are on the eve of the most promoted Monday Night RAW show that WWE has done in a long time, RAW 1000. RAW has been filled with good moments (Canada vs USA in 1997) and some horrible moments (Katie Vick) over the years but, despite it all, lasting 1000 episodes is a milestone that WWE should absolutely be […]

My Manager’s Draft

My last column focused on whom I would select that is currently on the WWE roster should the idea to bring back managers actually come to fruition. (What Vince change his mind? Get outta here!). The more that I reflected on that column, the more I began to think who could benefit from having a […]