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  1. After watching WWE Raw and Smackdown taking place in my native country UK recently a couple of questions came to mind that perhaps you could answer on your show.

    Q.1 Given how the UK fans always seem to get an atmosphere going on wwe shows, how great that looks on tv compared to obviously dead or asleep fans on smackdown each week, why does the wwe not reward the UK any ppv or big events.

    Q.2 Are the chants for Daniel bryan to big to deny him a decent title run. The UK pop for D.Bryan and Punk was big and it obviously had an effect as the wrestlers seemed to raise the level.

    The podcast is great show that has good length and some serious weight.

  2. Tum Tum Tyranus says:

    Getting rid of the WCW/World title is a mistake. Now we won’t get guys like Codi, Barrett, and Cesaro winning Mitb. As a result that ppv and concept as a whole is weakened.

    Also, the WCW title acted as the attainable top title for mainstays like Kofi, Santino, and Dolph, who know they have 0 chance at the WWE title. Morale will die. Imagine how depressed guys like Mysterio, Henry, & Kane would have been if they hadn’t won that title and been kept waiting on the sidelines.


  3. Tum Tum Tyranus says:

    Prefacing this by saying you do not have to read it on the show. Appreciated that you did w/ my last comment but it’s not necessary.

    Funnily enough, the way you guys responded to my comment is a lot like how a friend of mine did. And I agree, if the WWE focused on building up top non-title feuds instead of just throwing together last minute matches, one unified title would make sense. I should’ve clarified the mindset I had when posting the comment was based on the WWE’s incompetence and my belief that they wouldn’t smarten up and start effectively booking to the point where wins and losses started to matter. So that’s where I was coming from when talking about morale and Money in the Bank. Why get rid of the WCW title and decrease morale if you’re going to continue booking as ineptly as the WWE does. It’s pointless. And if there’s now only one Money in the Bank ladder match, it’ll more often-than-not be a former WWE champion winning the match and not an up-and-comer, which to me, goes against the fun of Money in the Bank. One briefcase for the top title can also translate to more unsuccessful cash-ins, which to me, kinda cheapens the Money in the Bank ladder match win. I like that, at least with the WCW Money in the Bank ladder match, we’re more likely to see those cool mid-card guys(possible up-and-comers) win the briefcase and successfully cash-in. It’s actually to the point where, for me, Money in the Bank has usurped the Royal Rumble as my favorite pay-per-view. So yes, Addie, with that reasoning, the big gold belt does actually mean something to me. 🙂

    With all that out of the way, let me rephrase my question from last week. If WWE continues to be as inept as it is, is it then a mistake to get rid of the WCW World title?

  4. Imagine in a cold night at Wrestlemania30.

    The wrestlers in the back start to worry after the show started so well when Andre the Giant made a suprise appearance to beat Ambrose for the U.S title and Cesaro swings Micheal cole in circles around the ring while the Rhodes brother fight…Rhodes wins. But the crowd turn when the voice of the voiceless CM.Punk loses to the man with nothing to say, the weakest member of the shield, Roman Riegns and Wyatts beat D.Bryan in a handicap match after which HHH enters the ring a hits Bryan with a shovel. The king of kings plays. The fans begin to riot. Batista beats Lesnar in a shit version of a UFC match and Orton takes on HHH in a HARCORE (not hardcore) match. The crowd start to throw chairs into the ring shouting ECW,ECW,ECW.
    But then the shit really hits the fan in the main event super Cena ends the streak 21-1 to the biggest anti-Cena chants since Money in the Bank 2011. Cena tells the fans to stop being complacent because the CHAMP IS HERE!!

    The next day on RAW the fans see every match again and Steff anouces HHH to be the greatest of all time after his win they kiss the lights go out………a silhouette of a jacket flashes….BREAK THE WALLS DOWN…. welcome to RAW IS JERICHOOO the crowd goes wild. Jericho enters the ring……. PEDIGREE the king of kings plays and the show ends. Now thats best for business.

    D.Bryan ends the streak it will happen

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