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My 2013 Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame Picks

It’s that time of year again! The Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame ballots are out and it’s time to look at the candidates once again. Dave Meltzer’s Wrestling Observer Hall of Fame is widely considered the most prestigious Hall of Fame in wrestling, largely because of the selection process. There are different criteria to get […]

We Talk Wrestling January 19, 2013: Hart Legacy Wrestling Live Show Recap

Hey Yo! Addie and Mo headed down to the old home of Stampede Wrestling to attend the taping of the first show from Hart Legacy Wrestling the IPPV Resurrection. Give this short podcast a listen for what they expected going in as they drove to the event and what they thought immediately after coming out […]
on January 19, 2013

Rebuilding The X Division

At one point in time it could be argued that TNA Impact Wrestling’s legacy could have been defined by their cutting edge X Division, as for the first several years of the promotion it was the life blood of the company and what truly made them stand out from the WWE. Over time though it’s […]
on December 30, 2012