We Talk Wrestling December 6, 2014: We Talk Podcasts

Other Wrestling Podcasts Almost As Good As Ours!

Other Wrestling Podcasts Almost As Good As Ours!

(Explicit Language) Hey Yo and here go with another edition of We Talk Wrestling with Addie and Mo.

This episode is dedicated to the usual bitching about the WWE’s current product in light of another crappy episode of RAW, and the counter point offered by the WWE themselves over on their own Network with the fine programming put on during NXT as the head towards the R Evolution special on Dec 11th.

Also, a look ahead at this weekend’s ROH Final Battle PPV as Ring of Honor closes out the year with their biggest show.

And New Japan Japan Pro Wrestling has launched a network of their own called New Japan Pro Wrestling World, so how does it compare? All this and a little talk about the 1986 Crockett Cup with a hidden and forgotten 5 star match between the Sheepherders (Bushwhackers) and the Fantastics!

So take a listen and share with the social media buttons and we’ll see you…

Oh yeah I almost forgot. Addie and Mo have ALOT of talk about other podcasts, particularly CM Punk’s first appearance on the Colt Cabana podcast Art of Wrestling and Vince McMAhon’s live on air response broadcast on the WWE Network during the Stone Cold Steve Austin Podcast!



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