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We Talk Wrestling March 15, 2013: Mo Rambles On & On

On The March 15th 2013 edition of We Talk Wrestling Mo is joined by… Nobody. That’s right, with the guys not able to co-ordinate their schedules and Mo missing out on last week’s show he decided to get on and just give a stream of consciousness 30 minute diatribe on what’s happening with The Wrestlemania […]
on March 15, 2013

Addie’s TNA Lockdown 2013 Preview

It’s time for TNA’s second, that’s right I said second, Pay Per View of the year. This is the first show in the “new Pay Per View era” for Impact Wrestling as they did not have a February show and will not have another live Pay Per View until Slammaversary in June in Boston. The […]

Addie’s TNA Bound For Glory Preview

It’s the time of year where TNA puts on what they claim is their biggest show of the year, Bound For Glory. While I have personally looked forward to Lockdown on a more consistent basis over the years I can see why TNA pushes this particular show as it is the anniversary of their move […]

We Talk Wrestling September 6, 2012: Hug it Out

(Explicit) We Talk Wrestling hits the air once again as Addie and Mo look at tonight’s edition of Impact Wrestling heading towards this Sunday ‘s No Surrender TNA PPV. The guys also go back in time and give their memories of Stampede Wrestling, the first time they saw Hulk Hogan, as well as their early WWF memories. All […]

We Talk Wrestling August 23, 2012: Aces and Wimps

Another post Impact show sees Addie and Mo review TNA’s show in detail with all the matches, angles, and the latest on Aces and 8’s. They also give their thoughts on SummerSlam, this past RAW and look ahead to both Company’s Pay Per Views for September. All this plus talk of the news on Rey […]

Positive Things in Wrestling in 2012

  I’ll admit it, it’s been a rough couple of months for wrestling. TNA is the better of the two companies right now, in my opinion, but even they appear to be in a slight holding pattern until they get closer to Bound For Glory. WWE seems like the puppy who lost its way right […]

Why Aces and Eights Is Working For TNA

When Sting was attacked on the June 14th episode of Impact I was slightly interested in who the men were that carried out the deed. It was when the gang beat up both Hulk Hogan and Sting on Impact that I really started to get into the angle. Each and every Thursday since then I have been thoroughly […]