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My last column focused on whom I would select that is currently on the WWE roster should the idea to bring back managers actually come to fruition. (What Vince change his mind? Get outta here!). The more that I reflected on that column, the more I began to think who could benefit from having a manager, say William Regal, speak for them.

If you’ve heard the latest edition of We Talk Wrestling (if not it’s found HERE) you know that I was really bullish on the idea of William Regal managing a European stable. That stable got me thinking and expanding my list of guys and who should be their manager. So below is a list, in no particular order, of what my dream rosters of both managers and their stables would look like.

William Regal

As mentioned, I love the idea of him managing a European contingent and there are certainly enough guys to fill out the stable. I would have Regal managing Shemus, Drew MacInyre, Wade Barrett, Mason Ryan, and DH Smith. This gives Regal a nice mix of top of the card guys, up and comers, and also is spread between both RAW and Smackdown, allowing Regal on both shows.

Michael Cole

Michael Cole is my main event manager. He has the longevity with the audience and the most mic time being a commentator on both RAW and Smackdown. With this in mind, I have given Cole a stable that consists of more guys that much higher up on the card. I have Cole managing Miz, Jack Swagger, R-Truth, Kharma, and Cody Rhodes. I would also give Miz a valet in Maryse so he would have the services of both Cole and Maryse out at ringside with him during his matches. Kharma would be Cole’s answer to how he is going to destroy the Divas division that he has been ripping on commentary for the past few months. Cody Rhodes would be Cole’s attempt to obtain the World Title on Smackdown and gives Rhodes more fuel to an already rising star.

Arn Anderson

Arn is most famously known as the enforcer of the legendary Four Horsemen and, because of that, I have given Arn a group of guys that could be turned into bruisers. Tyler Reks is a guy that has a great look and could use Arn’s promos to be a tough brawler that doesn’t speak at all. Jimmy and Jay Uso would be Arn’s tag team that he would mentor to the top of the tag team division and help to place more of an emphasis on tag team wrestling and the tag titles themselves. The last guy I have given to Arn is David Otunga. He’s really going nowhere right now and has slipped from his featured role with the Nexus so this would be an attempt to let Arn mentor him both on and off camera to see if there is anything worth keeping in Mr. Otunga.

Abraham Washington

Due to the fact that Mr. Washington will be the newest, least known member of the managerial roster, I have him be someone, at least initially, that manages tag team or Intercontinental/United States championship caliber wrestlers…er superstars. I have Abraham manage Heath Slater, Justin Gabriel, and Michael Tarver. All three of these guys are relatively new and will not be featured at or near the top of the card in the immediate future. With those three I also give Washington Mark Henry to manage. Mark has been with the company for about 15 years and has has multiple runs at the top of the card over the years. He brings some credibility to the stable and to Washington specifically as a manager.

Michael Hayes

The former Fabulous Freebird already has Tyson Kidd as a protege, so that was an obvious pick to remain. Added to Kidd, I have Ted Dibiase, Curt Hawkins, and Woo Woo Woo Zack Ryder. DiBiase needs something different to get him jump started again and Michael Hayes has what Ted seems to be lacking…promo ability. Hawkins and Ryder could reform their tag team or go at it as singles who watch each others backs. Either way, Ryder is ready to break through past the Jobber to the Stars role that he has currently.

With all these managerial assignments there are still some heels, such as Alberto Del Rio and Skip Sheffield, that don’t have a manager. I don’t want it to get to the point where everyone HAS to have a manager, but I would like it to be the exception as opposed to the rule. I should also note that I would keep Vickie Guerrero aligned with Dolph Ziggler currently and have her transition over the years from one young guy to the next with the Cougar gimmick but not taking on a stable of talent.

Well those are my picks. Agree? Disagree? I’d love to hear your thoughts! Send me an email at or send me a tweet at


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