We Talk Wrestling February 8, 2013: Bruno, Hogan, and The Elimination Chamber

bret_vs_hhhIt’s another packed edition of We Talk Wrestling as Addie and Mo have returned from a week off due to illness. The guys talk at length about Bruno Sammartino’s induction into the WWE Hall Of Fame complete with the backstory about why it is such a big deal and how it all went down. Two RAW episodes are discussed including Brock Lesnar’s return, the Rhode Schollar break up, and Trish Stratus in the Hall of Fame. The Elimination Chamber card is discussed as well as Bret Hart’s comments about Triple H. All this plus an email question about Hulk Hogan in the Attitude Era.



Download: We Talk Wrestling February 8th, 2013: Bruno, Hogan, and The Elimination Chamber (Warning Explicit Content)


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