NXT Report for July 12, 2012

Hey Yo! I am off work this week and we are lucky enough to get the new NXT from Full Sail University here in Canada on The Score so I thought I would do a recap for the site! I’m not sure how regularly I will be able to do this but here it is all the same.
We kick off this week’s NXT, after the opening credits,  as Bryron Saxton welcome us to the show. He is joined by William Regal and they plug the main event of The Usos vs The Prime Time Players (or The Main Event Players as Regal calls them) as Tyson Kidd comes out for the opening match.
Match 1: Tyson Kidd vs Camacho
Regal tells us that the back story of Hunico and Camacho is that they are lifelong friends that met in a fight. Camacho dragged 6 guys off Hunico and ripped out their eyes and they have been friends ever since. Some flips and a dropkick by Kidd opens the match as Regal puts over Bret Hart as well as Lance Storm’s school. Kick to the gut by Camacho regains control of the match. Backdrop countered into an attempt for the dungeon lock for Kidd to no avail. Arm bar by Kidd leads to Camacho backing Kidd into the corner and beating him before throwing him over the top rope. Kidd skins the cat into a leg scissors which puts Camacho over the top rope to the outside. Kidd looks to be going for a dive but Hunico and Camacho move so Kidd slides to the outside and stars at the two, one on either side, before sliding back into the ring.  Hunico is kicked out of ringside for no reason and Kidd uses that distraction to go over the top with a somersault plancha to the “Mexicans” as we go to our first commercial break.

Back from the break and its Kidd with another arm bar on Camacho. Camacho back to his feet and Irish whips Kidd into the ropes where Kidd comes back and counters with a roll through into a Sharpshooter attempt. Camacho to the ropes before the hold is applied and goes to the outside. Kidd runs after him and is taken off his feet and planted to the outside of the ring apron by Camacho. Some outside of the ring beat down and Camacho rolls Kidd back in for a 2 count. Slowing the pace down, as Regal describes, with some kicks and punches by Camacho. Crowd now chanting “Lets Go Tyson” and Camacho drills his shoulder into Kidd’s chest in the corner. Another front first whip into the corner gets Camacho another 2 count. Kidd is draped over the top rope by Camacho as Regal emphasizes that Camacho is focusing on the sternum area of Kidd. Bottom rope slingshot gets another 2 for Camacho as Regal compares the ropes to a steel bar. Arm bar now by Camacho slows things down and then a series of back suplexes.  Leg drop and another 2 count.  Whip into the rope and Camacho gets another 2 count after an X factor like move. Camacho to the top rope and misses the leg drop. Kidd with leg kicks as he fires up and hits a low dropkick for a 2 count. Over the top rope leg drop to the apron by Kidd. Kidd climbs to the top but is caught by Camacho who executes a double underhook superplex. Only gets a 2!!!!  Kidd hits another kick and then executes a Buff Blockbuster but Camacho gets his foot on the ropes. Kidd goes for a sharpshooter but Michael McGillicutty runs down distracting Kidd who goes over and hits the son of Mr. Perfect. this allows Camacho to hit a DDT when Kidd turns around and earns Camacho the 1-2-3.
Winner: Camacho
After the match, Regal puts over that the Kidd and Mcgillicutty rivalry will go on for the ages.
After another plug for the main event, a Bray Wyatt vignette airs which is absolutely awesome. It is a shame that Bray hurt his shoulder and will be out for 6 months because this character is one that I was really looking forward to. With that said, Wyatt debuts on NXT next.
Now a RAW 1000 moment with HHH talking about his return to RAW in 2002 from his injury at Madison Square Garden.
Matt Striker interviews Justin Gabriel. Matt welcomes him back from his elbow injury and asks what his plans are. Justin wishes to be champion again. He faces Heath Slater next week and Heath interrupts and talks about how he’s on RAW every week. Gabriel says Heath doesn’t need to worry about being embarrassed by a former star next week because he will be embarrassed by a current star.
Match 2: Aiden English vs Bray Wyatt
Both men get an entrance but Wyatt cuts a promo as he walks down to the ring. As his music hit, Regal proclaims “Oh my”. Bray says he can only imagine what the people think of him now. They don’t understand him but they will in time. He is the angel in the dark. And he is pleased to meet us before singing “Time is on my side” and laughing. Regal says even after all the dastardly things he has done in his life, he doesn’t understand Wyatt. He gives Regal the “Colly-woggles”. Bell rings and Bray kicks Aiden before the lock up and rams English’s head into his knee repeatedly before dumping him on the outside. Bray goes outside and rams Aiden into the railing numerous times before bringing him back inside and slamming him to the mat. Wyatt psychotically mugs for the camera before delivering an avalanche in the corner. Wyatt brings English out, slow dances with him (yes you read that right), and then sets up up for the overdrive. Bray kisses Aiden on the forehead prior to delivering the move and gets the 3.
Winner: Bray Wyatt
Post match, Bray continues to act maniacal as the crowd chants his name and Regal puts over that this man will be a STAR.
Coming up next is the main event as we go to commercial. Before we do however, a Seth Rollins vignette airs where he describes the pain that his opponents feel when they step into the ring with him. Seth is sitting on a crate in the back wearing jeans and a baseball hat sideways as clips of his previous NXT matches flash in and out.  The tag-line “Welcome to the Blackout” finishes the promo.
After commercials, the hosts run down the Money In The Bank card (actually the go over it, if you want to hear it run down the latest We Talk Wrestling does that HERE). We then go to Brylee Pierce who is interviewing Richie Steamboat. Richie can’t wait to show the NXT Universe how good he is. Leo Kruger interrupts and says he is better than Richie and pokes him in the chest as he calls himself the South African Jewel. Richie can take no more and a brawl ensues as we hit more commercials.
Stupid RAW did you know moment is followed by a Raquel Diaz vignette where she intents to bring color to a colorless world. She calls herself the Ultra Diva and an Alpha Female and is embarking on the Exfoliating Ugliness Tour. Her unveiling, as they call it, is next week on NXT. The daughter of Eddie and Vickie Guerrero had a good first impression here.
Main event time!
Match 3 The Usos vs The Prime Time Players
Jim Ross joins the commentators for this match. No AW with the Players here. Young and Jay open the match as Regal talks about his twin girls Doris and Gladys and wonders why the Usos won’t date them.  Jay backs Young into the corner with a clean break. Young protests to Uso and gets a big slap for his troubles. Titus consoles Darren and Young charges Uso and is met with a big chop. Tag to Jimmy and the hit a double closeline and elbow to Young. Stinger splash by Uso and an Irish whip out of the corner with a double counter into an axe handle by Jimmy for a 2. Young is up and kicks Uso in the stomach to regain control. Titus tags in and goes to work on Jimmy with a series of punches, kicks, and headbutts. Headbutt backfires (you know because the Usos are Samoan) and Jimmy takes Titus into his corner and tags in Jay. Another stinger splash by Jay for a 2. Regal puts over Titus as great man for charity in Florida as he was last the spokesman for the save the donkey foundation. Titus tags in Young who immediately charges into a powerslam by Jay. Darren rolls to the outside and Titus over to console him again. The Usos mock The PTP with Darren’s hair pick. Young runs back in and is immediately closelined outside by Jay and Jimmy is then backdropped over the top rope onto both Prime Time Players as we go to break.
We return from commercials and Darren is in a headlock in the center of the ring by Jimmy. Tag to Titus who gets into an armbar by Jimmy. Crowd chanting USO USO. Darren distracts Jimmy and O’Neal takes advantage and now Jimmy is trapped in the corner of the Prime time Players. Elbow to the leg by Titus and Jimmy is now playing face-in-peril here. Stomps and kicks to Jimmy as Titus tags in Young and he continues the work on Jimmy’s legs. Darren pulls Jay off the ring apron to negate the tag by Jimmy. Slam and a 2 count by Young. Stepover toe hold by Darren to continue to wear down the leg and take away the speed advantage from Jimmy Uso. The announcers put over how the PTP are able to back up their talking in the ring. Titus tagged in and tries to suplex Darren onto Jimmy but Jimmy moves and tries to tag in Jay but is cut off by Titus. Jimmy moves out of the way of a charging Titus and delivers a backdrop before hitting the hot tag to Jay. Darren in as well and eats a closeline as does Titus as Jay is a house of fire. Jay throws Darren into Titus and then hits a Samoan drop on Young.  Pin attempt is broken up by Titus. Jimmy pulls Titus outside but O’Neal nails the injured leg of Jimmy and the ref goes to Jimmy to attend to him. As this happens, Titus from behind nails Jay and puts him in the backbreaker position for the Decapitator as Young comes off the ropes with the elbow for the 3 count.
Winners: The Prime Time Players
Post match Ross puts over the “smarts” of the Prime Time Players. The PTP dance as we end this week’s episode of NXT.
My overall thoughts were that this show was slightly above average. There was a great debut of Bray Wyatt that sadly will get cut short to his injury. The vignettes of Diaz and Rollins were also a positive in my eyes. Meanwhile, the PTP vs Usos and Kidd vs Camacho matches didn’t wow me but also were not bad matches. The Kidd vs McGillicutty feud continues and the backstage brawl gives Richie and Kruger a feud to start off on.  To summarize, NXT shows promise as a nice little show for new talent and guys WWE aren’t using right now. It’s not blow away but not going to offend people at the same time. In the few weeks that the show has debuted, I have not disliked a single wrestler who has been on and for that WWE gets a thumbs up!!
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